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Jul 13, 2020 - Aug 11, 2020

Hero Grind Challenge

  • 30Days
  • 254Steps


Are you ready to activate the hero in you? I truly believe we are all superheroes sometimes we get distracted by the day to day stresses of life and forget our superpower. The power of being you. If you know you have more to give but you keep hitting a wall, this program is for you. If you know you want to make an impact, but you aren't sure where to start this program is for you. If you are tired of your bad habits running your life, this program is for you. If you are just flat out ready to be the hero in you own story and be real with you,this program is for you! Your habits create your feelings. Your feelings and emotions become the reality you live in. Most people have habits that don't serve his or her dreams. Their habits serve their fears and doubts. As humans we are problem solvers. We find short term solutions to these fears and doubts. You have to choose to free yourself. You have to choose how you want to feel. How do you want to feel? Let's instill habits that align with that feeling. Instill daily habits to Activate the Hero in you! OH did I mention.. THERE IS A CHANCE TO WIN $150?! Each day you will be scored on your 5 daily habits. You will score yourself and I will score your feedback. I'll take an average of the 2 scores and that will be your total. Updates will happen on the 15th day and 25th day! (Valid at 10) Daily PDF workouts 3 Soup recipes 3 Smoothie recipes Breakfast recipe Daily water intake calculation. Updated workouts every 7 days!

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