How We Make Our Impact

When is the last time you asked yourself... How am I doing today? Most likely, you haven't in awhile or perhaps never. Here's the thing, how can you serve others if you are out of balance? Everything you do will end up following that same pattern.  Grind Solo is here to help you instill habits that align with who you truly are. Our primary intentions are personal and brand empowerment. From Coaching, Brand Development, Custom Apparel to Speaking.. we are here to serve you. 

How can we empower you? 

NO MATTER WHAT.... #keepgrindin

Empower Yourself Through Movement

Anywhere Anytime!

As life happens, we store negative emotion in our muscle tissue. That energy can knock you out of balance. We must move in order to release stored energy. We can't control life but we can control how we react to it. Join Team Grind for virtual training sessions, an online course or activate your personalized Grind Solo Training App Today! We offer multiple ways to empower you through movement. All to fit your lifestyle. Our goal is to meet you where you are. Book your free call with Coach K today!

"The day you decide to be you will be the day the world know your name."


Topics Coach K will capture you on:

Know Who you Are

The Art of Storytelling and how to shape your own story. The importance in self love and mindfulness.


  • Find your dream and shout it to the mountains. 

  • Be the creator you know you can be. 

  • Build the confidence and know how to win every day.​​​​​​​

Goal Setting and Taking Action on those Goals

If we never set goal we never have an intention or focus and life will throw us anything. We must set goal that excite us so when life does come there is a plan of action!.


  • How to set goal quick and efficeintly.

  • Take action on those goals daily.

  • Reflection and game plan. 

Health & Fitness

We do what we know until we learn different. My life is a direct result of that. I always loved fitness and lived my life as an athlete. After a kidney issue I dedicated myself to studying the science behind fitness and nutrition. I empower others to to take control of their health through their diet and exercise, Eat to live vs. Eating for comfort.


  • Life as an athlete

  • American ninja warrior

  • ​​​​​​​my recovery process



Where apperal visions come to life!

You are a walking Billboard.



Great inspiring page good self awareness and motivation has helped a lot of people. - Manny N.

I can’t say enough good things about Kevon and Grind Solo! My man is on a mission and won’t be stopped! He’s impacting people on a daily basis changing lives in more ways than you can imagine!

- Jacob S.

I HIGHLY recommend Grind Solo! Very helpful brand! Definitely far from ordinary!

-Jamantae E.

The Grind Solo Story Formula, has truly transformed me in a way that has created space for me to reflect on my journey, allowed me to be emotionally transparent, shifted my perspective and way of thinking as well as challenged me to re-write the story of my life. It is a great writing exercise that offers space for one to reflect on pivotal moments of their life, that ultimately brought them to where they are today. I honestly did not have an in depth awareness of my WHY before The Grind Solo Story Formula. After writing my own, Grind Solo Story Formula, I can now say that I have more clarity and understanding as to WHY I am in this transformation program after all. I highly recommend this writing process for anyone looking to transform their journey in order to become their greatest version. 

-Uneak T.

Until recently, I always avoided diving into my negative thoughts and memories because I thought they were too painful to face.  For me,  this created social anxiety and stagnation in my fitness.  If you can relate to me, then just know that your story doesn't have to be all gloom and doom.  Talking one-on-one with Kevon not only was extremely motivating but also refreshing.  It was refreshing to have someone be real about the ups and downs of their life, take responsibility for their actions, and show real improvement.  So change your story, escape the victim mentality, and become your own hero.  A call with Kevon is definitely worth the time.

-Zack G.