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Kevon White is the owner and founder of Grind Solo. Kevon played college football as a student athlete at Averett University and Bridgewater College. He graduated from Bridgewater College in 2016 with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a concentration in accounting. He went on to earn his Life & Annuities licenses in his path to becoming a financial planner. Kevon believe in being fit for life that includes financially. Kevon's dream was always to play in the NFL, after experiencing a life threatening kidney issue Kevon educated himself on health, nutrition and fitness. He earned a certification has a PTAG-CPT. He then went on to specialize through NASM as a PES, and CES. Kevon also earned 5 other certifications in fitness and nutrition. He lives his life to motivate and inspire others so took the opportunity to do just that as he competed on American Ninja Warrior Season 10.


Kevon built Grind Solo with this mission to help discover who they are and transform their minds to take action on their dreams. Kevon brings a contagious positive energy to the stage and ignites a fire in his listeners through his message of self love and mindfulness. He inspires the masses to take action in their lives. 


Kevon travels to various places to inspires people of all ages and backgrounds. His unique perspective on life and challenges offers ground breaking insight. He is a great voice for and to the youth. Kevon has many talents that can capture the attention of many. His ability to captivate his audience with his storytelling ability and wealth of knowledge is incredible. 


Kevon has constructed multiple online course, ebooks, and pdf to help others navigate through the distractions of life and stay focused on their dream. Kevon's biggest message is to know who you are. You are put here to do something powerful, only you can do! You must have all of you in order to do that. Love every part of who you are and take action in your life. What dream have you been suppressing?


"I believe you are a superhero, I believe I am a superhero, I believe we are all superheroes sometimes we just get distracted by the daily stresses of life and forget our superpower. The power of being who you are. Grind Solo Is here to remind you of that power."

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